At the Y, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn from caring adults who model healthy living—and make healthy choices themselves. That’s why we're committed to promoting physical activity and nutrition in everything we do.

Promoting nutrition that is kid-friendly

  • At Fun Company, the Anti-Hunger Initiatives team works to provide meals and snacks that meet the nutritional needs of children, at no additional cost, during the school year, school break times, and the summer.
  • In 2022, Anti-Hunger Initiatives served over 400,000 meals and snacks to children!

Putting the 'active' in activities

  • Curriculum in Fun Co. includes learning about nutrition, healthy ways to move the body, and how the foods we eat can help our bodies.
  • Whether it’s a game of dodgeball in the gym, a dance-off in the cafeteria or capture the flag on the playground, Fun Co. provides a variety of opportunities for students to have fun while staying active.

Committed to the highest standards

  • Our meals and snacks follow the YMCA of the YUSA’s Healthy Eating and Physical Activity standards, a nationally recognized set of guidelines for nutrition and physical fitness.
  • The goal of Anti-Hunger Initiatives is to strengthen communities and break down barriers to food access in Middle Tennessee, by serving healthy, high-quality meals and snacks to as many children as possible.

Program contact    
Katie Scarboro, Anti-Hunger Initiatives Director, 615-259-3418 ext. 72534