Through generous donations to our Annual Giving Campaign, the YMCA provides financial assistance to families with lower incomes and financial hardships who wish to attend Fun Company.

How to apply for YMCA financial assistance

  • Fill out a paper registration form and mark that you wish to apply for financial assistance.
  • Fill out our financial assistance form.
  • Provide the proper supporting documentation, such as a tax return.


As a licensed child care center, Fun Company participates in the State of Tennessee’s child care certificate program, which provides subsidy to help cover the fees of before- and after-school care.

How to apply your DHS subsidy to Fun Co.

  • Indicate you wish to apply your DHS subsidy on your paper registration
  • Attach your current DHS certificate to your paper registration

If you need an updated DHS certificate: please visit the Department of Human Services website for information on how to renew your certificate.