Fun Company provides positive mentors to nurture potential and safe spaces so youth thrive.

Our goal is to provide financial aid to families that would otherwise not be able to afford our program. Ensuring that any child can access this life-changing support is our main focus because we know the impact having a caring adult can have on a child’s life. Your financial assistance helps us reach our goals and boosts the community in turn. 

Roland and Porcha

Fun Co. student, Roland, leads a better life because of his relationship with our Y staff member, Porcha. Roland knows that he can seek guidance from Porcha when life gets tough because “Porcha knows me.” Porcha appreciates and understands her students’ needs. “I see myself as an advocate for the children I serve.” Roland and Porcha’s story is one of many on how Fun Co. provides a safe and supportive environment for our students.

Will you join us in helping youth like Roland get connected with a caring adult mentor through our Fun Co. program?