The Y is helping school systems implement virtual learning through its Before- and After-school Care and Virtual Learning Care. Here's what parents need to know...

  • Bring your device and accessories! Each student is responsible for bringing their own technology. If you receive tech from your school district, contact your school system if you need support.
  • Get here 30 minutes early. Leave plenty of time for your child to settle in, log on and get started.
  • Do you remember your password? Ensure your child has the right login information for each platform they'll use throughout the day.
  • Make sure everything is charged. We're not responsible if your child is late to class because of a low laptop battery. We will provide power strips when programming space allows.
  • We're here to help, but we're not teachers. Because our staff are licensed and trained for before- and after-school care, we are happy to provide a quiet, dedicated space for your child to attend their virtual classroom. But we leave the teaching to the experts—the teachers!