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These policies were adapted for the web from our 2018-19 Fun Co. Parent Handbook to serve as guidelines for Fun Co. Should there be any conflict between these polices and the Parent Handbook, our staff will defer to the Handbook.

  • Are there any discounts available?
    • The Y offers three different discounts for its Fun Co. program. All applicants must submit verification of employment and/or Fun Co. enrollment to qualify for the appropriate discount:
      • We offer a sibling discount for each member of a household who attends Fun Co.
      • YMCA staff members receive a discount for their children who attend Fun Co.
      • School system members receive a discount for their children who attend Fun Co. in their county.
    • Parents are responsible for full fees until their discount is approved.
  • Can you change the rates once you've set them?
    • If we have advance notice of changes to the school calendar, we may adjust the weekly fees.
  • Do I still owe fees for days when my child doesn't attend?
    • Yes. All weekly fees are due by each Friday at 6 p.m., regardless of attendance. This includes snow days.
  • Do you pro-rate your fees?
    • We charge a full weekly rate when we offer a full week of care.
    • A full week of care is considered three days of scheduled care within one calendar week.
    • On weeks when there are two or fewer days of school scheduled, we pro-rate our regular fees. These weeks are noted on your Calendar of Fees.
    • We do not pro-rate our weekly fees for snow days or child absences.
    • Parents may request two 5-day weeks of credit with advance notice for vacation or with a doctor's note for illness. These days must be taken consecutively.
  • How do I apply for sickness/vacation credit?
    • We grant parents two 5-day weeks of credit for sickness/vacation. These days must be consecutive.
    • Return our Change Form to your site director.
    • For vacation credit, we must have two weeks' advance notice before your desired vacation credit.
    • For sickness credit, please include a doctors' note along with your Change Form.
  • How do I pay my weekly fees?

    By credit card:

    By EFT (bank) draft:

    • Provide us with your bank account information by returning a Change Form to your site director or by calling our Revenue Operations Center at 615-742-7327.
    • Schedule an automatic draft of your credit card by returning a Change Form to your site director or by calling us at 615-742-7327.
  • How do you determine the fees for Fun Co.?
    • We review the school calendars for each of the four counties we serve.
    • Based on those calendars, we determine the anticipated total number of days we will provide care.
    • We first consider:
      • School-year start dates
      • Fall Break
      • Winter Break
      • Spring Break
      • Other abbreviated weeks
    • We then set a fee schedule based on the costs associated with operating our program. These costs include:
      • Staffing
      • Affordable Care Act
      • Supplies
  • I cannot afford the weekly fees. Do you offer financial assistance?
  • We've had a death in the family. Do we receive credit?
    • Full credit will be given for days absent due to a death in the immediate family—father, mother, brother, sister or grandparent.
    • A maximum absence of three days will be allowed.
  • What are the fees for your services?
    • All participants: A one-time registration fee is due before your child can attend any Fun Co. service. This is non-refundable.
    • Before/After Care: Regular weekly fees are due at 6 p.m. each Friday before your child attends the following week.
    • Drop-In Care: $20/day is due at 6 p.m. each Friday before your child attends the following week. Children can attend as Drop-In students up to two days a week. Contact your county's Fun Co. office for a list of sites offering drop-in care.
    • Early Dismissal: $10/day is due at registration for Early Dismissal days (in addition to that week's fees).
    • Standalone All-Day Outs: $20/day is due at registration for standalone All-Day Outs (in addition to that week's fees).
    • Full-week Breaks (All-Day Outs): $25/day is due when school is out for the week. No regular weekly fees are due during these breaks.
    • Snow/inclement weather care: $20/day is due within a week of the snow day. All regular weekly fees are still due. This only applies to full days missed from school. There is no additional charge for this service when school dismisses early.
  • What happens if I do not make my full payment on time?
    • A $5 late fee will be assessed each week for fees not received by Friday before 6 p.m. for the upcoming week.
    • Lack of payment of all fees—including all late fees—is grounds for immediate withdrawal from Fun Co.
    • Any family with past due fees of one week must pay in full, including late fees, before the child can return on Monday of the second week.
    • Children attending Fun Co. on Monday with a balance due for the week are subject to be denied access into the program. Payment must be made before pick-up on Monday, or payment arrangements must be made with the ROC to be paid within the week by pick-up on Monday.
    • Late Pick-up fee is $1 per minute per child and must be paid online within one week of the incident. No exceptions.
    • Failure to keep fees current will result in loss of care and ability to register for other YMCA programs.
    • After the third time a participant is dropped from the roster (for non-payment) in a school year, the child will have to re-register to be get back into the program (full registration fees apply).
    • For those on payment arrangements: failure to honor payment arrangements three times in a school year will result in your child's withdrawal from the program. You will need to re-register your child to get back in to the program (full registration fees apply).
  • What happens if my payment is returned?
    • We charge $25 for each returned draft.
    • Returned credit card drafts for an invalid card number or an expired card will be collected by the ROC.
    • Returned EFT drafts for insufficient funds and returned credit card drafts for exceeding a credit card limit will be collected by an agency licenced by the Collection Service Board. This includes fees they charge for collection.
    • After two bad bank drafts, all future payments must be set up on a credit card.
    • After three bad drafts of any kind, your child will have to re-enroll (registration fees apply) and make payment arrangements with the ROC. If there is a waiting list, your spot will be forfeited, and your child will be placed on the waiting list.
    • To avoid the collections service and take care of a returned draft, call the ROC at 615-742-7327.
    • Failure to clear a returned draft will prevent you from registering for any YMCA programs. Outstanding balance resulting from uncollected returned drafts must be cleared up before the child can enroll or attend any YMCA program.
    • Payment arrangements can be made with the ROC prior to a bad draft, should the rare need arise. Please contact the ROC at 615-742-7327 to make a one-time payment arrangement.

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