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These policies were adapted for the web from our 2018-19 Fun Co. Parent Handbook to serve as guidelines for Fun Co. Should there be any conflict between these polices and the Parent Handbook, our staff will defer to the Handbook.

  • How will you discipline my child on a day-to-day basis?
    • When your child's behavior requires discipline:
      • Staff action will not damage your child’s self-image or embarrass your child.
      • Staff action will help children learn self-control, choose alternatives, identify feelings and develop understanding and respect of feelings for others.
      • Staff will communicate regularly with you regarding behavior concerns.
      • Every effort will be made by staff to enlist the cooperation of the child and parents to solve problems.
    • Staff are responsible for proper discipline of children. You may not discipline children who are not your own. This applies both on- and off-site.
  • What if I have a complaint/wish to dispute disciplinary actions?
    • By enrolling in Fun Co., you agree to our disciplinary policies.
    • You may provide your feedback/concerns directly to our staff, but staff are responsible for disciplinary actions. You may not discipline a child who is not your own.
    • You may file a report/request an investigation. We conduct all investigations according to our policies and procedures.
    • We do not tolerate any retaliation against our staff, school officials or anyone else who files a report. Whenever possible, we will do anything possible to protect anonymity.
  • What may I do if I see other children acting out while I'm at Fun Co.?
  • What will happen if my child damages property/equipment?
    • To teach responsibility in the event that a child deliberately damages any property or equipment that the YMCA is using, the child/parent will be responsible for the cost of replacement.
  • When would you call me to pick up my child early from Fun Co.?
    • When your child has a severe discipline problem (on any ONE occasion), we may call you and ask you to pick up your child within one hour of the call.
  • When would you dismiss my child from Fun Co.?
    • Dismissal from our program could occur when:
      • Inappropriate behavior(s) cannot be solved after repeated attempts or on any one occasion, should the YMCA determine that your or your child’s behavior inhibits the Y from providing a safe environment for other children and their parents, staff or school officials.
      • Your child's behavior becomes detrimental to him/herself and others – including the program participants and staff.
    • The YMCA uses “Observation Forms” to communicate with parents when it observes concerns regarding behavior changes or patterns being established. If a child receives three “Observation Reports” within a two- week period, he/she may be dismissed from Fun Co.
    • If your child is dismissed from the program, he/she is not eligible for re-enrollment.
    • YMCA Fun Company adheres to the zero-tolerance policy adopted by your local school system.
    • Due to confidentiality, if there is an incident involving multiple participants, we will conduct an investigation according to YMCA policy. We will not discuss the specifics of the other students involved. You are not allowed to question or talk to the other program participants or staff regarding involvement in an incident.
  • When would you suspend my child?

    Suspension from our program from one to five days can occur if we observe you/your child:

    • Harming a staff person or another child
    • Stealing
    • Damaging property
    • Using foul language
    • Being totally disruptive and uncontrollable in the group
    • Committing inappropriate child-to-child contact
    • Bullying

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